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Import audio files and deCoda will help you learn the songs faster than ever. deCoda will tell you the key, tempo and chords and also point out sections like verse and chorus and much more.

Using deCoda is as simple as adding your favorite song and letting deCoda help you figure it out. Inspired and informed by those working in the music and recording industry, deCoda was designed from the ground up for the purpose of helping you learn new songs effortlessly.

deCoda is developed by zplane. zplane technology is used to make many of the biggest hits in the world by top artists and producers, and that same know-how is used to power deCoda.

musical navigation

Musical Navigation

Navigate songs in musical terms and not in samples or seconds. deCoda knows the beats, bars and sections of the song, and jumping between them is easy with smart keyboard commands so that you can concentrate on your playing, not on the computer.

chord structure recognititon

Chord & Structure Recognition

Approach your music as a musician. deCoda understands the music decoded from the audio files: key, chords, beats & tempo. With advanced AI, deCoda makes educated guesses about the song’s structure to reduce the time it takes to get going with a new song.


Play Along - Your Way

New in version 1.1: Plug your own instrument into deCoda’s audio input and play along to the music. deCoda also hosts your favorite VST/AU plugins so you can play along with just the tone you desire. deCoda includes a serial for a special version of IK Multimedia’s acclaimed Amplitube 4 plugin with four extra amp models.


Pianoroll with spectral view

Spot the melodic content easily with the spectral view laid out on top of a piano roll. You can transcribe melody lines manually and export them as MIDI files for further use in your DAW or notation software.

focus view

Focus on what matters

Highlight the instrument you want to hear in the mix with the Focus EQ. Graphically identify the instrument you want to isolate and hear only what you need to hear. When you’re done figuring out the part, switch to inverted Focus mode to silence the same part and practice with the backing track only.

slow it pitch it

Change tempo, pitch or both

Transpose to a key that suits your playing or slow down to nail a tricky part. zplane's elastique Pro is one of the best and the most used time-stretching algorithms in the world. And of course, it's also inside deCoda. deCoda also detects the tuning frequency of the song and matches it automatically to your preferred tuning frequency - no manual setup needed.



Stay on the beat with deCoda’s metronome. The optional click can be set to the resolution you desire (4th, 8th or 16th note) and can even do count-ins and identify an upbeat.


Internal library

Everything you drop into deCoda will be kept safe in the internal library. No more hassle figuring out where to save a project or finding the corresponding audio file. Just type the song's name into the search bar, and in no time you're where you left off last time

project sharing

Export MIDI and chords

Take deCoda’s insights further! Export the chord analysis and manually transcribed melody tracks as MIDI for use in your DAW or notation software. New in version 1.1: export ChordPro files for easy chord sheet creation and export chord tracks as MIDI.

project sharing

Share the music

Export the whole project, or the current loop as audio files to use in playback devices or to share with bandmates. You can export with all the processing deCoda has to offer: treated with the Focus EQ, slowed down or transposed.

light dark theme

Light/dark theme

Pick a theme that suits the setting. Sitting in a cafe doing your transcriptions, the light theme will give you the necessary contrast. While the dark theme will reduce eye strain when practicing in the studio, basement or figuring out a song at night.

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Download your demo copy of deCoda below.
The demo is restricted to 5 minutes of audio playback time per start, doesn't offer export and doesn't include the AmpliTube special edition.
All other functions are available.

OS: Mac OS min 10.7, Windows min. 7 x86/x64
Audio: CoreAudio, Windows Audio, DirectX, ASIO
Screen: min. 1280x800 resolution
CPU: min 1.5Ghz
supported AudioFormats: wav, aiff, mp3, wma, flac, ogg

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